How To Create A Magazine
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How To Create A Magazine

A magazine is a periodical publication that is either printed on paper or electronically. Magazines are commonly meant for advertising or sharing news and celebrity gossip. Prepaid subscriptions, sponsors, and advertising agencies are what usually finance publications of magazines.

There are different types of magazines that are available to purchase. The most famous type of magazine is the women’s fashion magazine. This type of publication is commonly used for advertising clothes, hairstyles, hair products, perfumes, plus accessories or jewelry. There is a parenting magazine, the Guardian (2008), which states that this magazine targeted wives and mothers. The parenting magazine publishes content about motherhood, nurturing of babies or children. Mothers are taught how to take care of their babies, feed them, and even dress them.

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Companies that sell children’s products are always advertising their work in parenting magazines. Some magazines are all about religion, these focus on sharing religious values or beliefs. Different religions are able to find articles that enlighten their beliefs and encourage them to have more faith. Some journals are focused on celebrity gossip, they share things that happen in celebrities’ lives. The magazine’s publishing stories, photos of high-profile individuals and celebrities have long been a popular format in the United States (Supermarket News 2002).

To create a magazine, time greatly depends on the type of content to be published. Some variables which influence the time taken to create a publication are style, theme, targeted audience, medium, editing, proofreading, number of pages, plus the process of printing. All journals are not the same, the time taken to create each of them is not the same. Monty (2020) states that it takes a minimum of two weeks to design a magazine, this depends on the complexity of the material. When creating a journal, a topic or subject should be focused on, publishers normally go for stuff currently trending. They must choose a cover article and a cover image of the magazine. This must be something that will easily catch people’s attention, it must interest people, so they purchase it.

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Publishers then write body articles, this content captures a reader the most, it is the biggest part of an article. An article writer should add pictures that complement their writing, graphics help draw readers more into the details they are indulging in. According to Charlyx (2014), a magazine should have a back page, this could either be blank or of an image that complements articles’ content.

A lot of work needs to be done when creating a magazine before a journal can be published. The number of work a publisher has to put in to create a magazine is time-consuming. Since periodicals normally stick to a regular schedule, they must plan their articles to always deliver on time. It takes approximately two weeks to 6 months for a magazine to be created and published. Creating a magazine after collecting all content, themes, graphics, that complement the article, suitable styles must be edited, proofread, properly designed, color proofing done, and printed. Most of the work goes to research, reporting, writing, fact-checking, and editing, this is what takes up most of the time to create a magazine.

How To Create A Magazine

One factor that influences the creation of a magazine is the funding needed for it. A Magazine Contributor, Steve Cooper (2006), stated that a regional magazine could be launched for approximately $100 000, and a national magazine for about $1 million a year. The type of paper used in a magazine is expensive, the process of printing and posting the journals is also costly. These finances obviously depend on how many publications a magazine has annually. It depends on the circulation and hired a staff of the magazine publisher. The more frequently a magazine publishes its work, the more the costs to create the magazine.

The availability of funds to do all the work required to create a magazine is the final factor influencing the amount of time spent on this. Magazine companies with lesser funds will have less to publish and small circulation. They will also spend a long time publishing a magazine because they will be trying to raise funds. The companies with adequate finances will be able to create their publications in a much shorter space of time. These companies can afford to pay more stuff to do work in a short space of time.