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How Different Is Time Magazine’s Person of The Year from Company Recognition?

One common form of acknowledgment involves employers and their subordinates. Each employer should appreciate their staff member’s efforts to make them feel treasured. Such a gesture doesn’t have to be big, especially if there is no financial stability. It can be as simple as applauding excellent work during a gathering or organizing an out of the office day. Failure to take such action will lead to poor results, as workers will not have any inspiration to meet set expectations. Once their output goes down, company profits will stagnate or take a similar trend leaving room for business decline.

Apart from office acknowledgment, there is that done by print media such as magazines. In most cases, people appear in newspapers and magazines for their impressive actions. The issue is different with time magazine since its person of the year segment doesn’t require an excellent deed to have been done. All that’s needed is what appears on this segment to have been heavily publicized at a certain period. It is possible to have a feature that gained publicity for terrible reasons since the piece’s essence is not to applaud anyone or anything. Either way, good or bad deeds give essential lessons to readers.

An individual doesn't have to be

A different staff member gains acknowledgment each time to inspire others to do better to increase their probability of being awarded in the future. With times magazine, the person of the year can be the same person or thing for more than a year since what goes into consideration is the person or item that made headlines the most. After all, no monetary award comes with being time magazine’s person of the year, unlike corporate recognition. It is possible to appear on this segment for good reasons and do so the next time for bad ones.

An individual doesn’t have to be the person of the year on time magazine. The feature can be an item or movement that has made a positive impact or effect. For instance, personal computers made it to this segment in 1982. It was featured probably because of how it would change the way people conducted private and corporate activities for years to come. With organizations, people are the ones appreciated for their innovations and not the items they’ve developed. People receive awards for their creation and choose whether to use the reward, if monetary, to improve their innovation or not. They can use the awards for other purposes, such as donating to the needy.

Magazine readers are given a chance

The person of the year is not mentioned until the announcement, which happens just before the magazine gets into production. A minimal possibility exists for the word to get out before this announcement. Such an outcome is rarely experienced in companies because staff members hold information on who will receive an award. Even if there is no certainty of whether this info is accurate or not, there are speculations that turn out to be right in most instances. The secretive nature of time magazine’s person of the year is another thing that makes it unique.

Magazine readers are given a chance to share their opinion on their preferred person of the year. However, the decision is not entirely dependent on the readers’ views but those of editors. This information is just used to provide an idea of the public’s thoughts. With companies, employees give their take on who should receive the award, and their opinions are considered when settling on the winner. Board members take the names that workers have given and match them against productivity indicators. Often, one who receives the most votes and has a high productivity level gets the award.

How Different Is Time Magazine's Person of The Year from Company Recognition?

2006 saw all those who had impacted online sites like YouTube, Facebook, and Wikipedia become time magazine’s person of the year. The magazine didn’t focus on a specific person or idea. Such a scenario doesn’t often happen with other print media, making time magazine unique. At times, departments get awards, but this doesn’t rule out the appreciation of personal accomplishments. Company heads are invested in awards because their interest lies in giving an example to other workers of what happens if someone works well.

Since 1923, this magazine has named a person of the year, whether it be a human or an item. This segment continues to be exciting and looked forward to by readers annually.