Does a Gun Magazine Explode If You Shoot It?
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Does a Gun Magazine Explode If You Shoot It?

A gun is a weapon meant to release lethal substances like bullets, or pressurized liquids through a shooting tube. The first gun invented was found in China, dated to be in the tenth century, and it was characterized by having bamboo that used gun-powder to shoot a spear. Ever since, they have evolved and undergone various improvements, to where now we’ve got guns that shoot multiple bullets at once. They also come in different shapes, sizes, each with a different range of shots, and varying forces of impact.

Gun-powder was first made from a

Gun-powder was first made from a mixture of charcoal, saltpeter, sulfur, and it was mainly used to treat skin infections. It was later discovered that this medicinal herb could be used to make bombs, mines, and other weapons. The Europeans discovered it and started exporting it in large amounts. They would pass it unto the next recipient while having less volume from the source, but they eventually managed to figure out the ingredients used to make it and started manufacturing it for themselves. This spearheaded the manufacture of guns, which later phased out the older weapons due to their affordability rather than how lethal they were. It is considered to be a more lethal weapon than it was initially, now that the sense of brotherhood has declined over time.

Different parts make up a gun,

Different parts make up a gun, each playing an important role in the functionality of the whole weapon. Depending on the size of the gun, there are different areas where the ammunition is stored. Modern pistols and rifles all use magazines to store ammunition that is ready to be fired. They carry up to a certain capacity, which when depleted has to be refilled with more ammunition manually. Once the magazine is loaded, there is a spring that feeds each bullet individually, ensuring that they do not jam the machinery. This part is often compared to a clip, which essentially stores ammunitions as a unit, which is ready to be put in the magazine.

Does a Gun Magazine Explode If You Shoot It?

When you hit a magazine with a bullet, there will be a reaction and whoever is nearby will feel its impact. It is key to note magazines are simply boxes where the ammo is put, and there is no powder here. This would reduce the chances of it exploding, but the impact of the incoming bullets will cause some damage to it. Due to the damage on the box, you could potentially set off a bullet or two, but there would be any large explosion within the vicinity. A bullet is only made to move when the powder is fired, forcing it out of the weapon.

Depending on the gun firing this ammunition, and the magazine you are equipped with, the ammunition will either pass through or bounce off the magazine. Guns with high firepower like an AK-47 will definitely cause the bullet to break through most magazines, even that of an AK-47. Small handguns with lesser firepower will cause less damage to these magazines unless you fire multiple ammo at the same spot. Even with multiple bullets, the chances of an explosion are still slim. The worst that could happen could be you will get some smoke because of the friction caused at impact, and since bullets travel at a high speed, the friction will be so much resulting in the emission of smoke. This is, however, nothing to worry about, it will cool off after some time.

These weapons have been made in variety to satisfy all customer needs. There are guns made to meet specific needs, and when used for any other purpose, they will not achieve the required or expected results. Those made for hunting are different from those made for war. From their carrying capacity to rate of fire, to the range of shots, everything differs. When going to buy a firearm, it is necessary to ask yourself what its main purpose will be, from where you can make an adequate selection from the variety of choices.

Some rules and regulations also need to be followed when operating such machinery. One basic law is that as a holder, your firearm must be registered, and you should have the documents to prove that you are a licensed owner. Failure to comply with this smile rule will lead to confiscation of the weapon, you could serve time in prison.