Decline Of The Magazine Industry
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Decline Of The Magazine Industry

Magazines are facing a change in effectiveness of their impact with the onset of digital media. Advertising used to be in print media before it became digital through social media, television and radio. Although magazines were a preferred mode of advertising for most big brands, it wasn’t long before digital media began to take over. Over 4.5 billion people use social media platforms every day, making it a good platform for teaching out to a bigger audience. This has not rendered magazines completely useless, they do have advantages which keep them alive in the digital world. Magazines are still on storefronts today because of their unique strategies of bringing entertainment and information to a targeted audience.

Although digital marketing is taking over, magazines have advantages attached to them that make them indispensable tools. A magazine has a target audience to which that magazine appeals, this feature helps advertisers to place the right ads in each magazine. For example, a sports magazine will be perfect for up-selling a sports product like baseball gloves. To find lotion advertised in a sports magazine would be inappropriate, a beauty magazine is the right candidate. With such a handy feature, advertising is much easier and more accurate than other forms it may take.

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Advertising in print has a disadvantage of being limited due to weak durability. For a magazine, this is not the case as durability is one of its strongholds in advertising. Paper can easily fail, but a magazine will survive for longer periods than any print counterpart. Because of being a print platform, magazines are cheaper to advertise on than using a television. A substantial amount of revenue will be saved for the ad sector of a company if it chooses a magazine over television. Even if many can be watching TV, it is still hard to target a specific group of people.

Humans, being creatures who are visually stimulated, prefer looking at objects that are attractive to the eye. Magazines offer just that, they come in a wide range of designs that are guaranteed to make a reader want to find out more about a product. Ads are strategically arranged on the pages to give not only a good appearance, but also convenience when reading. These features all work together to make a magazine one of the powerful tools for distributing ads.

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Though a magazine has held a steady reputation since it was invented, modern day internet ads have made it to be forgotten. A person can receive breaking news updates with just a tap, from their mobile phone. Companies have relied strongly upon internet marketing that magazines might be facing a steady decline in popularity. TV ads appear to a larger audience while internet marketing is on every device. Magazines cannot keep up with the speed of internet advertisement, it is still slower in most capacities. To combat this, magazines can do their work online where more people are. But doing so will not fulfill the title of a magazine because it has to be in print.

The steady decline of magazines is attributed to its disadvantages like having a narrow customer range. A select group that focuses on specific products and selling a different product will require a different magazine. If you own a supermarket, it will be hard to place adverts for all available products in your store in a magazine. Using other forms will remove such a problem by offering all your products at once to many individuals.

Decline Of The Magazine Industry

Reading magazines has lost popularity, it has been replaced with computers which are faster and more efficient. To bring magazines back in the game, the industry has to find a way of making magazines faster while being more efficient. Competing with other forms of relaying information will not be easy, computers are getting better even faster every day. Due to heavy dependence on electronic devices, magazines will continue to fall. If online magazines can be developed into a trend, there will be a continuation of the magazine industry.

There are new technologies that emerge after a period, they reshape certain aspects of life. These changes are often irresistible and irreversible, so the magazine industry found itself in this condition. The magazine is not over yet, but its future doesn’t look promising. If it ends like this, other forms of news or information relaying will continue to offer their service.